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Dawei Li is a filmmaker and photographer focused on unveiling the unreality contained in the real world and Lin Mi is a photographer working with images produced using mobile devices, as well as digital and analogue camera.
Thanks to the collaboration with Beijing Youth International Culture and Arts Association, they are taking part in GlogauAIR residency with The Memory of China and Germany - The Eggs of 110 the Yellow River Mothers.
This project departs from the history of the 110 year-old Zhongshan bridge, which is particularly symbolic, for it has not only been connecting on a daily basis the two shores of city of Lanzhou, as it is also a reminder of the joint efforts of Germany and China, essential to building the bridge. Since then, the stones from the river have been collected as souvenirs, or used as building materials.
With the current project, the artists’ intent is to explore the re-contextualization process that these relatively
insignificant stones go through and the significant personal and collective meanings that become attached to them.

Dawei Li & Lin Mi at
The 110 eggs of the Yellow River Mother // Showcase Project

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Dawei Li & Lin Mi
Dawei Li & Lin Mi