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In my past projects, I have made a lot of encyclopedic researches. From historical archaeology to objective observation, I am trying to build a distinct and dynamic artistic narrative system with a variety of media, such as ceramic, botanical researches, architectural structure, performance, theatre, etc. The independent and self-generated perception is mostly central to the formation of my works.

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Chen Wei: Closed Order

Closed Order
PROJECT: THE ORDER / Closed Order, Marker on Wall,
250×200 cm; Φ:100 cm, 2013

Chen Wei: Live Performance Linear

Live Performance Linear
PROJECT: THE ORDER / Live Performance: Linear, Single Channel Video (Color, Sound), 9’16’’, Duration of the Performance is Determined by the Physical Condition of the Performer, 2014

Chen Wei: Makyneia Theatre

Makyneia Theatre
PROJECT: ANCIENT THEATRE / Makyneia Theatre, Archival Inkjet Print, Dimensions Variable, 2014

Chen Wei: Ancient Theater#3

Ancient Theater#3
PROJECT: ANCIENT THEATRE / Ancient Theatre#3 Ancient Theatre in Apollonia, Albania, Pencil on Paper,
42×59.4 cm; Frame: 46.5×62.4×3.5 cm, 2014

Chen Wei: Series Horns No.1603_1604_1607_1611

Series Horns No.1603_1604_1607_1611
PROJECT: THE KEEPER OF SHEEP / Series: Horns No.1603/1604/1607/1611, Kaolin,
35×21×12 cm; 35×21×11.5 cm; 35×21×12.5 cm; 35×21×12 cm, 2016

Chen Wei: Illustration of Mistletoe #5430501

Illustration of Mistletoe #5430501
PROJECT: THE KEEPER OF SHEEP / Illustration of Mistletoe #5430501, Archival Inkjet Print, Dimension Available, 2016

Chen Wei: The Crow

The Crow
PROJECT: CROW AND ALBINO / The Crow, Sound Installation, Loop, 2017

Chen Wei: The Albino No.1_2_6

The Albino No.1_2_6
PROJECT: CROW AND ALBINO / The Albino No.1/2/6, Twelve-Screen 4K Video Installation (Color, Mute), 4’00’’ , 4’31’’ , 2’20’’ , 2017