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Iran 1977

I truly believe that art is soulful and resides deep within oneself. Art is roused by the harmonious vibes
and beauty of nature that envelopes us. Nature is within us as it is around us and we all hail from nature.

Modernity does not annul this fact. Nature touches and invokes its most primal creativity in an artist. Hence, works of art are projections of an artist's soul to the outside world. In my case, nature speaks to my soul and predominantly through its magnificent beauty and permanence paradoxical to the evanescence imposed by human ambition and limitations. Nature gives us recognition of source and hope of continuity.

My paintings are not merely a result of direct observations but a complex combination of diverse
elements augmented by compelling recollections of specific emotions that overwhelmed me as I am
engulfed in the quintessential calmness of nature. It’s inspirationally elating.

Thus, the images from Nature Sublime are a communicative manifestation of revelations and new
emotions as well as ideas pertaining to human perception. Analogically, paintings are alike stop-signs
amid our hurried modern life. They remind us to pause in cognizance to the evident and intrinsic beauty
that exists around us. I strive for equilibrium to our daily chaotic rat race and the harmony inherent to

In my view, art is the relationship between fantasy and snapshots of reality. It is poetry in shades, hues
and colours. Art comes to me as a form of expression and exploration and gives voice to my emotions,
fears, dreams, identity and aspirations. A condensed aspect of my theme is “stratification”. The message
is: “You should look past stratum to see things that you might not see at first glance”.

I am highly influenced by Iranian Islamic art, which is all about patterns and bringings life as
a nature to architecture and paintings. “Islamic artists habitually employed flowers and trees
as decorative motifs for the embellishment of cloth, objects, personal items and buildings”

My paintings are depictures relating stories. There is an absence of focal points while every portion of
depictions has its very own voice and power to relate and continue with the story. There is also, and for
similar reasons, adoption of Islamic ornateness for more centric arrangements to patterns while avoiding
obvious focal points.

The idea of bringing nature indoors into homes and adorning buildings via Iranian Islamic architecture is
somewhat irresistible to me. It is the symbolism of bringing an almost forgotten part back to life and to
attune to our modern way of living.

Anahita Ghazanfari at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2017
People of Seremban // Showcase Project
The Story Of Rooms // Showcase Project

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Anahita Ghazanfari: Harbouring Dreams Numb

Harbouring Dreams Numb
Acrylic on Canvas 160.120cm 2016

Anahita Ghazanfari: In Her Own World

In Her Own World
Acrylic on Canvas 100.70cm, 2015

Anahita Ghazanfari: Introverted By Nature , 2015

Introverted By Nature , 2015
Acrylic on Canvas 100.70cm

Anahita Ghazanfari: Life in Leaves Number 2 , 2016

Life in Leaves Number 2 , 2016
Acrylic on canvas 75.75cm 2016

Anahita Ghazanfari: Life in Leaves Number 1 , 2016

Life in Leaves Number 1 , 2016
Acrylic on canvas 75.75cm


Art is everywhere. It is everything around us; the infrastructures, the people, their cultures,
nature…that is where I get my inspiration. And to me, Berlin is a land full of inspiration.
From a troubled past, the beautiful city has risen to a liberal world city of creative, expressive
art paradise.

The people of Berlin are also a beautiful wonder with so many stories I look forward to
capturing with my camera. From a repressive past filled with war, genocide, and a divisive,
oppressive regiment, the people of Berlin show a fascinating spirit of resilience and
endurance that makes the city stand out.

I find myself attracted to and inspired by their liberal views; their willingness to admit their
past and forge a new future of openness and expression is so refreshing.

Since the 1990, it has gone through a massive redefinition and change. The injection of urban
views weaved intricately into age old traditions make the city a melting pot of culture and
diversity; a world that deserves to be captured in stillness and shared.
in my paintings patterns are as important as the main subjects and somehow it's reflects the
place I am in and I get inspire by. The street art and walls in berlin are the greatest in the
word and berlin has the history of it.

The idea of me being in Berlin is all about exploring that part of the art which is all over the
city and brings identity to the city. And in a way became an urban identity itself. The outside
walls fill with the paintings and patterns, with two different side, different stories. I want to
create the stories but not in away they were before. It is about new people, new memories,
new perspective.

Learning the culture, seeing the people and involving in community, discovering how these
stories are universal in nature, though the symbolism and meanings may change from culture
to culture.

Working on two medium which is photography and painting as well as digital painting would
be my main focus. The idea of bringing out the hidden faces behind the wall.

As an artist also believe in being in the place to get an inspiration and getting involved with
the community is also my concern.



● Bachelor of Art in Painting, Culture & Art University, Iran, 2003.
● Master of Art in Illustration, Art University, Iran, 2008.

Exhibitions and Awards

● “Langkawi Art Biennale 2016” Langkawi, Malaysia, November 2016
● “IMMORTAL?” Installation International Group exhibition, L’atelier Rouge Gallery, KL, Malaysia, October 2016
●“Quatre Femmes” Group Exhibition, L’atelier Rouge Gallery, Kl, Malaysia, September 2016.
● ”Exploration”AND”Expression”,Residency exhibition, Port Commune, KL, Malaysia,May 2016.
● ”The story of Rooms” Solo Exhibition, Atelier Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia, February 2016.
● Daydreaming Group Show, Ella Art Space, KL, Malaysia, February 2016.
● Art Connexion International, Matic Gallery, KL, Malaysia, June, 2015.
● International Exhibition of Iranian Artist in SouthEast Asia and Pacific, Matic Gallery, KL, Malaysia, June
● Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Melaka Art Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia, July 2014.
● Iranian Artist Painting Exhibition, Cube Gallery, KL, Malaysia, November 2014.
● International Women's Day Exhibition, Art Malaysia Viva Gallery, KL, Malaysia, March 2013.
● SEPULAH DAH Iranian Artist Exhibition, Artseni gallery, KL, Malaysia, June 2012.
● Malaysia Iran Art Exhibition MAIRA, Gallery Aswara, KL, Malaysia, April 2012.
● Chosen in first Monorail Photo Festival, Malaysia, 2010.
● Autumn solo photo exhibition, Ferdos Gallery, Iran, 2006.
● First position in Abyaneh group photo exhibition/competition, ElmOFarhang University, Iran, 2002.
● First position in Dialogue of Civilizations group photo exhibition/competition, ElmOFarhang University,
Iran, 2001.
● Ahvaz solo photo exhibition, Iran, 2000.
● Participation in group painting exhibition in Nivaran Art Gallery, Iran, 2001.

Work and Artist participation

● Documentary Photographer At Langkawi Art Biennale 2016, Langkawi, Malaysia, November 2016
● Balik balik Art Bazar, National Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia, April 2016.
● Artist in Residence, Sembilan Art residency, Seremban, Malaysia, November 2015.
● Documentary Photographer At Langkawi Art Biennale 2014, Langkawi, Malaysia, October 2014
● Full time Photographer, Center for Content Creation, Limkokwing University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
● Freelance Photographer and Writer, Monorail Magazine, Iranian Lifestyle Magazine, KL, Malaysia,

Media Interview

● IMMORTAL? Interview – Nanyang Press Newspaper, KL, Malaysia. October 2016
● IMMORTAL? Interview – SinChew Press Newspapers, KL, Malaysia. October 2016
● IMMORTAL? Interview – BFM Radio “The Bigger Picture” KL, Malaysia. October 2016
● Quatre Femmes Interview – SinChew Press Newspapers, KL, Malaysia. September 2016
● Exploration X Expression Interview – BFM Radio “The Bigger Picture” KL, Malaysia. May 2016
● The Story Of Rooms Interview, ENanyang Website, KL, Malaysia, April 2016
● Changing the Landscape, Marie Claire Magazine, KL, Malaysia, January 2016