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Ukraine 1990

My films and video-art projects take a critical view on social, cultural and gender issues. By putting music, text, video and human stories in juxtaposition I want to embrace the myths that speak volumes in us and provoke a change.

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Alice Biletska

Bob Basset. Willl I ever return

Alice Biletska

Speak up

Alice Biletska

Will they ever put the light on
Video, 2016

Alice Biletska



Documentary film BB

Berlin can be viewed as the modern Babylon. Proudly positioning itself as the multicultural hub, Berlin resonates with different accents, songs, music, religious beliefs and mindsets. And one voice sounds loud and clear: Has the humanity evolved or are we are waiting for another empire to collapse?

December 2016 tragic events showed that the multicultural dialogue stopped at its critical point. Fear is engulfing not only Berlin and whole Germany, but hangs over the entire world. With this documentary I want to remind everybody that we are all one close community and it does not matter what language we talk and what kind of milk we drink. My main heroes will be citizens of Berlin: German, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, American, French … There are Muslims among them too. What are they doing for a living? Artists, working men, hobos, waiters, teachers, prostitutes etc.
The film will depict the circle of life. The opening shot is a mother singing a lullaby to her child in German. Then we see another woman singing in French, another- in English, Russian etc. Fast cutting brings us to the idea that no matter what language they speak or in what God they believe, their common language is that of love to a child.
We watch children of different origins growing up. We see them playing in kindergartens, schools... As the film evolves we see teenagers and then adults falling in love, getting married, traveling, choosing different professions, getting pregnant, splitting up, partying, loosing and finding themselves. We see them growing old and getting wise. They talk about the most important things in life, the values they have learned and live by. And that leads us to the main idea of the film - self-identity comes from your inner feeling and unity and love.


Filmography: (short films. I was scriptwriter, director, actress and producer).

«Wifes of war», 2014. (OIFF 2015)
«Devachan», 2015
«Will they ever put the light on», 2016. (Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2016, VAEFF 2016, OIFF 2016, LIFF 2016)
«Poem N1», 2016.
«Bob Basset. Will I ever return», 2016.
«Gallery romance», 2016.

Social projects:
Against violence, 2016.
For children with heart disease, 2016.

Inside of me lives A. 2015. (Kharkiv state gallery, gallery Come in, Kharkiv)
Film and burn, 2015. Due to the concept the pieces were destroyed right after they were shot and shown on big screen in
public spaces (Kharkiv, Lviv, Kiev, Mariupol).

«Salome». Actress and co-director. Avant-garde theatre «Raison d’etre», Paris, 2011.
«Vorsa». Co-director and co-writer. Avant-garde theatre «Raison d’etre», Paris, 2011.
«LililtEva». Scriptwriter, director, actress. Freelance. Kharkiv. 2013.
«No reson to be». Co-writer, director.Freelance. Kharkiv. 2014.