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Ukraine 1990

My films and video-art projects take a critical view on social, cultural and gender issues. While developing a script and shooting a project I am willing to create a diverse form – the synthesis of music, video and text.

Being an art historian means to be immersed into esthetics, history and mythology. Going through different experiments with various art forms, I am trying to explore the nature of each of them and understand in which form I can be most effective. Creating films and videos through putting music, text and video in juxtaposition I can make a unique art form enlightening the best of all the myths in which we live in and archetypes we embrace.

By trying to define love, religion, faith and art I want to create an art form that evokes strong feelings in people, makes them look deep inside and find a true meaning and the spiritual realm, full of dynamism, harmony, love and beauty.

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Alice Biletska

Bob Basset. Willl I ever return

Alice Biletska

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Alice Biletska

Will they ever put the light on
Video, 2016

Alice Biletska