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France 1990

Alexandre was born in 1990 and lives between Berlin and Paris. The past years he was in Paris spent studying art direction and advertising creativity which has allowed him to meet professionals of the sector, as well as photographers and inspiring artists. The camera which he has been 'playing' with since 2008 soon became a working tool.

Early 2014, he moves to Montreuil in a studio shared with some friends specialized in motion design and films, where he built his portfolio beginning to work for fashion magazines and renowned model agencies.

Alexandre did a short stay as assistant at Rouchon Paris, where he has been working on big productions and editorials (Vogue, ELLE, Numéro, L'Officiel…) where he met some photographers such as David Sims, Karim Sadli, Mondino, and Alexei Hay.

Now he lives in Berlin to develop his artistic flair working on artistic photography projects and experimenting with sculpture and painting.

Alexandre Félix at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016
GAME 1337 // Showcase Project
Terminal // Project Space Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS September 2016

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Alexandre Félix

Alexandre Félix: SCHÖN! Magazine

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Alexandre Félix

Alexandre Félix
Alexandre Félix



Fashion portraits - groupshow across China, Shangaï Datong and Beijing, June 2016

Fluid - groupshow at 5th Base Gallery, London, July 2016

Dyrholaey - groupeshow at SIA NY Gallery, New York, September 2016

Terminal - personnal exhibition at GloguAIR, Berlin, October 2016