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South Korea 1983

I find how we swim through everyday in the sea of objects loaded with artificial codes and cultural weights fascinating. Aware or unaware of, every moment, we reject or accept things floating in a vast universe of material and ways in which we make sense of it. I think of everybody as a secret curating agent, playing part in how the world is to be organized, based on simple taste, economic interest, political belief, desire, and whatnots. My constant mixture of use of geometrical patterns, saccharine colors, miscellaneous objects, and random abstraction is an ongoing experimentation of 'read things' versus unreadable things or arrangement. The current use of bizarre unrelatable arrangement or 'tongue-in-cheek' repetition is how I experiment the way in which meaning is constructed and individually assorted.

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Sanghee Ahn: ICB201.

Acrylic on canvas. 137 x 113 cm, 2015

Sanghee Ahn: 87 winged hearts.

87 winged hearts.
Acrylic on canvas. 137 x 113 cm, 2016

Sanghee Ahn: Deck.

Installation. 570 x 570 x 17 cm

Sanghee Ahn: V963.

Acrylic on canvas. 130 x 130 cm, 2011



2005 University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Oxford, uk
Bachelor of Fine Art


2005 Pyre Award: Painting, 2nd Place. Oxford University Press Bookshop. Oxford, uk


2014 AFIA (Group Exhibition)_AFIA_Seoul
2009 Salmons of KIMI(Group )KIMI Seoul
2009 An Exhibition of Works by the Ruskin and LMH (Group)_LMH_Oxford
2009 Fourth Show (Group)_Gallery Aqua_Seoul
2008 Other Places, Other Cities (Solo Exhibition)_Gallery Jinsun_Seoul
2008 Art Encounters the Sea (Group Exhibition)_National Museum of Contemporary ArtKwacheon
2008 Dreaming Box (Group Exhibition)
KIMI Seoul
2007 Side Dish A + Dessert B (Solo Exhibition)
W Style Shop_ Seoul
2006 Beyond Painting (Group Exhibition)_Space C*Seoul
2005 Montana Butch (Group Exhibition)
Great Eastern Hotel_London
2005 Photographs from Eastern Europe (Solo Exhibition)_LMH. Oxford
2005 Type B Assortment (Solo Exhibition)_Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing_Oxford
2004 Wall Art 2004 (Group Exhibition)_LMHOxford
2004 Atomic Art Bomb (Group Exhibition)
Modern Art Oxford_Oxford