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Australia / Australia

Since creatively partnering in 2012, Sam Hatfield and Fiona Skelton have collaboratively practiced across diverse artistic languages including video, performance, installation, spoken word, illustration and music. The overarching premise of their joint practice is to use the unexpected and the absurd to provocatively deconstruct psychological and social constructs.

The artists are developing a video series that explores the possibility of co-existent consciousness arising out of mutual experience. If individual consciousness is merely a bundle of processes without any central point of synthesis, then joint (or collective) consciousness may become not merely a possibility but a necessary outcome of any systematic collaborative processes involving multiple selves who already qualify as conscious. The progression of a relationship is used as the narrative basis for bringing to life an existent “being”, while also making explicit the sexuality that is implicit in the synthesis of definably separate selves.

The artists are also developing a work that uses absurdist imagery and spoken word to explore a collective sociological and economic delusion in relation to the coopting of time, provoking reflection upon the rapidly evolving global structures that are magnifying and intensifying inequality and dissatisfaction.

Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton at
Humor is a Serious Matter // Artist Talk
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016
Meet the Artist - Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton // Interview

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Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton: The Cult of Love Pt II: Birthing

The Cult of Love Pt II: Birthing

Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton: The Cult of Love Pt IV: Desire

The Cult of Love Pt IV: Desire
Video 2016