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I come from a coastal town in India, Mangalore. I studied mechanical engineering in my undergraduate years and went on to to study graphic design in my post graduate years. I thus became exposed to the world of science, art and design, through my academic years. I became highly interested in utilizing principles of human perception in order to make us question our actions and introspect.

We, as individuals, make up the society and each of our actions make a difference to a number of things. But often, we feel free from the responsibility of the far reaching implications of our actions. We are not reminded or made familiar, to a full extent, the world we have created. I have always been interested in designing art, in order to make us question what we believe and subscribe to, so as to foster understanding and learning from each other, regardless of what we were before. I try to utilize the limitations of human perception, as a tool to challenge the limitations of our political, cultural, religious and other world views according to which we function. To do so, I utilize constructs of pure mathematics and science, to extract and play with the data embedded in our lives and actions.

The objectivity in our approaches, openness to deconstruction and questioning, can make us more tolerant and help us see things in a new light, and this is what I portray and bring to the fore, through my works.

Pratheek Irvathur at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016

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Pratheek Irvathur: Visualizer

Projection 4 x 4 m 2014

Pratheek Irvathur: New Age Man

New Age Man
Photocopier, Digital 21 x 29.7 cm 2015

Pratheek Irvathur: Terra

Chemicals, Glass 1' x 1' 2015

Pratheek Irvathur: Perceiving Numbers

Perceiving Numbers
Projection, Holography 2 x 2 m 2015

Pratheek Irvathur: { }

{ }
Mixed Media 21 x 29.7 cm 2013

Pratheek Irvathur: Making Mathematics Tangible

Making Mathematics Tangible
Projection, Programming, Origami 5 x 5 x 5 m 2014

Pratheek Irvathur: Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement
Photographic Film, Digital Medium 585 x 585 px 2014

Pratheek Irvathur: Interactive Illustrations

Interactive Illustrations
Print, Projection, Electronics 42 x 29.7 cm 2016


Our world views are shaped by our experiences and what we perceive through our senses. These world views, drive our actions. Our actions, in turn, have results in the world, outside ourselves and create tangible effects, felt by the rest of the occupants of this world. Therefore, our actions, and what drive them, become responsible for the world we create and sustain. Therefore, we are all given the task of being responsible, for the world we create. In order to create a world that is fair and just and provides a space for dialogue and analysis to everyone, we need to be able to have world views, that are capable of creating actions that can do this.

We take our senses and what we perceive for granted, but our biological machinery is far from perfect. We human beings are riddled with cognitive biases, algorithms for making perception and functioning easier and many other design limitations, that make us unable to recreate the world outside of us, perfectly, in our minds. Our perception, that we take to be true, is not necessarily so. Similiarly, we are today bombarded by various means of information from various sources. It becomes our responsibility, to be honest in our acceptance of this information and be able to question the validity of what we learn and where we learn from. By making us question what we perceive through our interaction with the art I create.

Through the work I create at GlogauAIR, I intend to make us re-think what we take to be true and do not question, regarding our political, religious, cultural, economic and scientific views. I wish to make apparent to the viewers of the art I create, that what they perceive has many dimensions to it. The viewer would interact with the work, and choose to perceive certain aspects of it. The artwork would then reveal the many other facets, that were hidden to the viewer, all this while, because of their lens through which they chose to perceive the work. Through this, I intend to utilize art as a means of introspection and hopefully, positive social change.



2012 – 2016 National Institute of Design
Master’s Degree, Visual Communication

2008 – 2012 VTU
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering, 87% Aggregate

Work Experience

2008 Trainee
Maruti Suzuki

2012 Intern (Art)