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United States 1982

Mark von Rosenstiel is a multi-disciplinary artist using mathematical algorithms that interact with and explore human relationships and emotions. Through feedback loops and technology he strives to reveal the middle ground people occupy -- the undeniably human place where truth is agonizingly close, but never touched. Mark’s site specific installations create internalized representations of the human experience that explore the boundary between observation and participation.

Mark’s work has been featured in galleries across the globe, from Seattle to Bangkok. He lectures on ideas of incompleteness, randomness, and scale variance in relation to art practice and the potential to discover truths by creative means.

Mark Von Rosenstiel at
When Science meets Art // Artist Talk
Meet the Artist - Mark von Rosenstiel // Interview

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Meet the Artist: Mark von Rosenstiel
MEET THE ARTIST is a series of short interviews given by GlogauAIR resident artists. The aim is to provide the public with the opportunity of knowing the artist behind the art as well as to get a glimpse of the creation process that can rarely be seen

Mark Von Rosenstiel: Conversations with celebrities

Conversations with celebrities
wood, hammers, twitter, 8' x 8' x 3', 2014

Mark Von Rosenstiel: Artificial sweetener as a vacation

Artificial sweetener as a vacation
florescent lights, sand, beach toys, 20' x 10' x 4', 2015

Mark Von Rosenstiel: Everything we hold dear, in low resolution

Everything we hold dear, in low resolution
florescent tubes, twitter, 20' x 10' x 4', 2015

Mark Von Rosenstiel: Considerations of this future. this future. this future

Considerations of this future. this future. this future
florescent tubes, 13' x 9' x 6', 2014

Mark Von Rosenstiel: I Want All Of This. All Of This I Want

I Want All Of This. All Of This I Want
Wood, chalk, 25' x 20' x 10', 2013

Mark Von Rosenstiel: Remember This. Version 2012

Remember This. Version 2012
Ink, 16' x 8' x 1', 2012


I’ve recently been reading Science and Hypothesis by Henri Poincare. In his writing about the evidence of geometry, he talks about our awareness of muscle movements (both our eyes and body) that result in the objects within our visual field deforming (i.e. their perspective is changed). He argues that these deformations that we witness, in conjunction with the subconscious awareness of our bodies movement in relationship to these objects, gives us the ability to deduce the construction and geometry of solid objects. I started reading his work because I have for a long time been fascinated with internal and external perspectives, and how we relate ourselves (the internal Self) to an external world view.

The phrase that spearheads the direction of work I would like to investigate is Sound As Substance. I would like to explore how we create context for sound in environments where the sound has no source that relates to previous experience. Poincare talks about how we use our bodies movement in space to ascertain the geometry of solid objects, and I’d like to take that idea conceptually further and look at our internal/external spaces in relationship to the constructed sound of our environment and how we then contextualize those sounds.

To do this I would like to explore making simple machines that create very basic soundscapes that immerse and interact with the viewer. The physical construction I see as giant wooden nests, or groves of artificial trees, with computer driven hammers that knock on them. The soundscapes would be self-organizing, in that they would use mathematical algorithms derived from flocking, nesting, or cellular behavior. I would then explore how these soundscapes could bend and alter based on a persons immersion in them and play with how to make the viewer contextualize and take on the experience in an internal way.



2008 - 2009 New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), Boston, United States
Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems in
2002 - 2002 Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, United States
2000 - 2005 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States
BA Mathematics

Solo exhibitions

2015 If only there were a place just quiet and bright, that also smelled good, Kostka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2014 Things I was meant to have said yesterday, Glassbox Gallery, Seattle, United States
Considerations of This Future. This Future. This Future, gOc Studios, Seattle, United States
2013 Enigma Machine, Bumbershoot, Seattle, United States
I Want All of This. All of This I Want, [storefront], Seattle, United States
This time we see, this time we feel, H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2012 We turn our heads toward the light (or wander aimlessly in the dark), Olson Kundig Architects, Seattle, United States
2009 Prescriptions for Awe and Wonder, Graypants, Seattle, United States

Group exhibitions

2015 Meet Factory Open Studios, Meet Factory, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Neighbors, Vermillion Gallery, Seattle, United States


2015 AQB Artist-in-Residence Program, Artist Quarter Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2015 Meet Factory AiR program, Meet Factory, Prague, Czech Republic

Awards & Grants

2015 Residency Program Funds
The New Foundation, Seattle, United States
2014 Emergency Grant
Foundation for Contemporary Arts, NYC, United States
2014 Recraft Ambassador
Seiko Recraft Campaign, NYC, United States
2013 Finalist, Pike Place Market Waterfront Entrance Project
Pike Place Historical Society, Seattle, United States
2012 Selected Artist
Art Vetting, NYC, United States