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Australia 1988

Characteristically speaking, Gervaise’s paintings can be interpreted as scrolls denoting some kind of ancient or alien-like language indecipherable to the contemporary eye, or a transference of knowledge and data; Matrix’s for later forensic use – a semiotic real that resonates in another time and place far  from the present. His unorthodox approach to the pictorial surface could be said to tease out both the problematics of and provocation for abstract painting; getting beyond one kind of reality and enabling the entrance of other forms of being and knowing entirely – perhaps resisting emotional responses all together - remaining far from ‘expressive’ gestures of any known kind.

Gervaise Netherway at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2016

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Gervaise Netherway
Gervaise Netherway

Gervaise Netherway



Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne)
Melbourne, Victoria
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) 2015

Swinburne University
Melbourne, Victoria
Diploma of Visual Arts, 2010 – 2012


FEB 2016

solo show, ‘Infinite Gesture’ Fort Delta Gallery , Melbourne

NOV 2015

VCA graduate Exhibition, South Bank, Melbourne

AUG 2015

group show, Easy st gallery, Melbourne

JAN 2015

Do sumn’ Chistopher L G Hill (*and guests) TCB ART inc. Mebourne

AUG 2013, SEP 2014, 2015

“Proud” VCA group exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery

DEC 2012

Visual Art Diploma Graduation Exhibition, Swinburne Gallery