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Australia 1991

My work is concerned with the private and intimate lives of others, and our obsession and fascination with the documentation of them. I am guided by the theoretical discourses of reality television and documentary practices, and often takes these forms as a starting point. I am interested in the impact that the media has on these relationships and how they are portrayed.

Working predominantly in video, installation and occasionally, live performance, my work is critical of the documentation of the intimate lives of others, and of the subsequent voyeurism. Often twisting actions that have been performed in the past, I address the staging and manipulation inherent in the representation of a real subject, and the subsequent loss of control of one's own likeness when represented on television or in documentary film. I address the impact that the constructed situation has upon these social relationships, and explore the power dynamics between director or artist and actor, participant or contestant by drawing attention to the often-constructed situation.

Ella Sowinska at
Meet the Artist - Ella Sowinska // Interview

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Meet the Artist: Ella Sowinska
MEET THE ARTIST is a series of short interviews given by GlogauAIR resident artists. The aim is to provide the public with the opportunity of knowing the artist behind the art as well as to get a glimpse of the creation process that can rarely be seen.

Ella Sowinska: Screen shot from The One on One (watching us watching them)

Screen shot from The One on One (watching us watching them)
Live performance and live video feed, 01:54:00, 2016

Ella Sowinska: Screen shot from Emily and Ryan"s First Date Dance

Screen shot from Emily and Ryan's First Date Dance
HD video, 03:44, 2015

Ella Sowinska: Screen shot from Off Camera

Screen shot from Off Camera
HD video, 04:56, 2015



2013 Honours, Fine Art, Monash University, Caulfield

2012 Bachelor of Visual Art, Monash University, Caulfield

Solo exhibitions

2015 Off Camera, Trink Tank, Melbourne

2015 The One on One (GoPro), Kings ARI, Melbourne

2014 Real Estate (Underwear Hunt), Platform Art Spaces, Melbourne

2014 The One on One, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy

2013 RiverBed, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray

Selected group exhibitions

2015 Lovers in the Parking Lot, curated by Hana Earles, Artmeet ARI, Melbourne

2015 Disparate, Kingston Arts, Kingston

2014 Mr. President, there are three things guaranteed in life. We will all die at some stage, each day the sun will set, and it will rise again tomorrow. Today is just one of those days, curated by Jimmy Nuttall, temporary location, Prospect Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn, NY

2013 MADA Now 2013, Monash University, Caulfield

2013 Mildura Palimpsest Biennial #9, Visual Arts Research Studios, Mildura

2013 Isn't it Funny?, Runt Space, Caulfield

2013 Honey is Flowing in all Directions, curated by Brook Andrew and Tom Nicholson, Monash University, Caulfield

2012 MADA Now 2012, Monash University, Caulfield

Other projects

2015 Off Camera, Screening, Fringe Films, Arts House, North Melbourne

Curatorial roles

2014- Present Curator, Trink Tank, Melbourne

2012 Committee member, Runt Space Student Gallery, Monash University, Caulfield


2013 Mildura Palimpsest #9, Exhibition Catalogue, Arts Mildura, Mildura, 2013