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We intend to undertake a residency at GlogauAir, Berlin, to expand upon our current line of enquiry into the impact of popular culture and screen-media on identity construction and communication, through the development of a new series of live performances & multi-screen video installations.

Our current practice investigates ideas and constructs surrounding identity, interpersonal relationships, intimacy and female subjectivity, through the mediums of video, live performance and photography. We seek to continually develop our practice through regular art-research, participation in exhibitions, residencies, and workshops; and maintain a network of support through fortnightly critiques and engagement with Artist-Run Initiative culture, here in Brisbane.

Clark Beaumont at
Johnny Guitar // Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016
Meet the Artist - Clark Beaumont // Interview

Clark Beaumont
Clark Beaumont

Clark Beaumont



2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Honours, QUT, Brisbane (N Beaumont)
2009-2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts (with Distinction), QUT, Brisbane

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Now and Then, The Walls, Surfers Paradise
2014 Heart to Heart, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
2010 Feeling It Out, Kings Ari, Melbourne
2013 Seen, JIWAR, Barcelona
2012 She’ll Be Right, Boxcopy, Brisbane
2010 Clark Beaumont | Pear Shaped, Current Projects, Brisbane

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Crossexions, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2015 GOMA Q, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
Jeremy Hynes Award, The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Art as a Verb, Artspace, Sydney
Performance Presence/Video Time, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide
2010 Love City, Testing Grounds, Melbourne
Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Art Prize, Gold Coast City Gallery, Surfers Paradise
2010 Paramor Prize, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
2014 Notes on the Dance, Actual Size, Los Angeles
2010 The Subtropic Complex, The Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2010 Performance Now, Queensland University of Technology Art Museum, Brisbane
2010 Art as a Verb, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
2010 Here is the Hypertext of our Everyday Lives, ALASKA, Sydney
2010 Incinerator Art Award, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Churchie Art Prize, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane
2010 Common Woman IV, LEVEL, Brisbane
2010 Presence/Absence, Spiro Grace Art Rooms, Brisbane
2013 13 Rooms, Pier 2/3, Sydney (curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist & Klaus Biesenbach)
2010 Rinse & Repeat, The Hangar, Brisbane
2010 Pivotal, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2010 Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth
2012 Immediacy, Through the Looking Glass, Brisbane
2010 Therefore: BFA Honours Graduate Exhibition, The Block, Brisbane
2010 SafARI, The Rocks, Sydney
2010 Triangulate – Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2011 Fresher Cu_ts, Inbetweenspaces, Brisbane
2010 Exist-ence, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane
2010 Cross City Experience (Solvenia), Vegas Spray (Online)
2010 Alter, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2010 Introspection, Brisbane Institute of Art, Brisbane
2010 BARI Festival, King George Square, Brisbane
2010 WOM+N, Alchemix Studios, Brisbane
2010 Brisbane Emerging Art, VS2, Brisbane

Awards, Grants & Residencies

2016 Australia Council Development Grant
2015 Jeremy Hynes Award (Finalist), Brisbane
Kaldor Public Art Project’s Marina Abramovic: In Residence, Sydney
2014 Incinerator Gallery Social Change Award, Melbourne
2014 Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship, Brisbane
2014 Churchie Art Prize (Highly Commended), Brisbane
2013 Australia Council ArtStart Grant
2014 JIWAR Creation Society Residency, Barcelona
2014 Unhatched (Finalist), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth
2011 Exist Residency Program, Metro Arts, Brisbane


2015 Stay Up, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Typecast, Filmshelf, Various locations in Brisbane
2014 Heroics and Mateship, Performance Now, Queensland University of Technology Art Museum
2014 Showtime, The Subtropic Complex, The Institute of Modern Art
2013 Coexisting, 13Rooms, Kaldor Public Art Projects
Selected Public Programs
2015 GoMA Q Emerging Artist Panel Discussion, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
PhotoFanatics: Photography & Performance Workshop, Gold Coast City Gallery, Southport
Clark Beaumont: Film Screening and Panel Discussion, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney
2014 Clark Beaumont in Conversation with Bree Richards, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane
2013 Seen: Panel Discussion on Tourism, the Experiential Economy & Contemporary Art, JIWAR,
The Young Ones: Clark Beaumont in Conversation with Clementine Ford, All About Women, Sydney
In Good Company, Art Month, Sydney


Gold Coast City Art Gallery
Monash University Museum of Art
Artcell Collection
Private Collections

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