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United States/Puerto Rico 1985

Terms like ‘The Cloud’ alienate us from the complex structures (physical and socio-political) by which the internet is supported and through which it is consumed by us, making it sound benign and ethereal, all the while it takes a heavy toll on the environment and on the human laborers that participate in its production.

Carlos Franco at
Happy Days reference // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016

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Carlos Franco: FaceTime

Two fully functional swings were hung facing each other. Above, the buildings' architectural skeleton was exposed so as to make the user conscious of the structure that made their interaction possible. The title was taken from Apple's video communication app for their iOS mobile operating system

Carlos Franco: South of the Border

South of the Border
Video Game designed for iOS devices, 2013

Carlos Franco: Game (Wrecking Ball)

Game (Wrecking Ball)
Site-specific game/Installation, 2014

Carlos Franco: Act Local, Think Global

Act Local, Think Global
Digital rendering of a fence over stock photograph of a park, printed on paper and framed within locally grown wood, 23x18 inchs, 2016