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Russia 1986

Viktoria Ikonen (born 1986) studied Graphic design and Painting at the Russian State Academy of Art and Design. In her works she attempts to show through the allocation and superimposition of forms mixed with photo the natural rhytms and vibrations of landscapes and nature. Her almost monochromatic paintings are interrupted radically by expressive multi colors, based on the artist’s own photos. The idea that our reality is quite relative, absurd and irrational - inspired by Camus existential philosophy- is a part of the concept.

Viktoria Ikonen at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2015
Viktoria Ikonen // Showcase Project

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Viktoria Ikonen
Viktoria Ikonen

Viktoria Ikonen
Viktoria Ikonen



The State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg (the Mukhina Arts Academy), 2010 Degree: master
Modern painting workshop with prof. Mosevich S.P. (artist, painter) from 2002 to 2008 Analytical drawing, anatomy drawing workshops with prof. Kazakov B.B. from 2002 to 2005


Vistavkom, juried group exhibition of young artists, exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union, November 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
Rotterdam International Art Fair 12-13 September 2014 at de Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Paintings/maalauksia, hotel Aatto and Elli, Joutsa, Finland, July 2014
Street hype, street art group exhibition, St.Petersburg, June 2014
Bonart painting exhibition, group exhibition, Bonart art gallery, April 2014, Istanbul, Turkey 'Haihatus international', group exhibition, Haihatus art centre and residence, April 2014, Joutsa, Finland
Elusive reality, CanSerrat International art center, Barcelona, Spain, March 2014
The sea inside is always deep blue, art project and exhibition, Halka art gallery, February 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
Hope, art project and group exhibition, Holy cafe, January 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
Vistavkom, group exhibition of young artists, exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union, December 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia
Lenore: dark romantism, сultural center of Elena Obrazcova, December 2013, St.Petersburg, Russia
Lenore: dark romantism, private gallery, November 2013, Tsarskoe selo, Russia
400 years of Romanovs family, Cultural center of Elena Obrazcova, October/November 2013 St.Petersburg, Russia
Saint-Petersburg`s space, group exhibition of finalists of competition in honor of 400th anniversary of Romanovs family, Smolnii cathedral exhibition hall, September 2013 St.Petersburg, Russia
Muu maa/ other country, Haihatus summer exhibition 2013, Joutsa, Finland
Group exhibition in contest in honor of 400th anniversary of Romanovs family, Exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union, June 2013 St.Petersburg, Russia

Selected group exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, 2010-2012 St.Petersburg, Russia Group exhibition of young artist in MART gallery, 2009 St.Petersburg, Russia


Haihatus Art Center, Joutsa, Finland, June/July 2014
Recipient of a Support Stipend for a month residency in Can Serrat, Barcelona, Spain, March 2014 Halka art residency, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2014
Haihatus Art Center, Joutsa, Finland, June 2013


Vistavkom Catalogue for group exhibition of young artists,
St. Petersburg Artists' Union, St. Petersburg 2014
Rotterdam art fair official catalogue, 2014
Young artists exhibition, St.Petersburg Artist`s Union catalogue, 2013