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Sweden 1968

Sara Edström was born in 1968 in Luleå, where she lives and works. After studying art for three years at a folk high school, she has worked for nearly 20 years as an artist. Edström’s practice focuses on sculpture, in long processes oscillating between detailed studies of people and abstract parts of body, skin and hair. Her work Globus Hystericus (Latin for 'lump in the throat) is part of a series of sculptures inspired by physical reactions to a turbulent period in life. Edström has been commissioned to create art for several places in Sweden. She also has extensive experience in project management, from the Luleå International Art Biennial, Havremagasinet Art Hall in Boden, and other events.

Sara is using her time at GlogauAIR partially to experiment with new techniques in her own artistic practice and partially to initiate collaborations for the artist run Galleri Syster in Luleå. She runs Galleri Syster with her collegues Anja Orn, Therese Engstrom and Elin Sundstrom. They exhibit Swedish and international contemporary art, as well as organizing workshops, artist talks, art classes and mentorships for young artists and much more.

Sara Edström at
Don't Cry. Work. // Artist Talk
The Epicenter of Everything // Artist Talk
OPEN STUDIOS December 2015
One must do things // Showcase Project

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Sara Edström: Well...

Cardboard and masonite

Sara Edström: Globus Hystericus.

Globus Hystericus.

Sara Edström: Utsnitt, I and II

Utsnitt, I and II
Bronze (Cut Outs)

Sara Edström: Flöde (Flow).

Flöde (Flow).



1995-97 The Art School of Sunderbyn


1996 Norrbottens Museum, Luleå, Sunderbysalong Rådhuset, Luleå Skulpturalt papper

1995, 96 Galleri Pictor, Luleå elevutstaellning

1997 Galleri Pictor, Luleå examensutstaellning Konstens Hus, Luleå Klass tre

1998 Piteå Museum Tre om form Monumentala Salongen, Luleå

1999-2001 Konstens Hus, Luleå Kommuns konstinkoep

1999 Invigningsutstaellning Sunderby Sjukhus

2000 Kvinnligt stadsutstaellning arrangerad av KC Norrbotten
Svart-vitt Jurybedoemd salong Bodens Konstgille

2002 Persson, Bostroem, Edstroem & Wikstroem Bodens Konstgille

2002-2004 Konstens Hus, Luleå Bok & Bild

2006 Norrbottenssalongen, jurybedoemd utstaellning Konstens Hus, Luleå

2007 Vårsalongen (Maria Linds jury), Liljevalchs, Stockholm

2009 Galleri Syster på Galleri Verkligheten

2012 Norrbottenssalongen, jurybedoemd utstaellning på Konsthallen i Luleå

2013 Galleri Lindberg, Luleå

Solo Exhibitions

2009 Kulturens Hus, Luleå Havremagasinet i Boden, utstaellningen 'Ryssen Kommer' 2010 (

2014 Galleri Lindberg


The Swedish Arts Grants Committée, two year grant 2010

Rubus Arcticus Grant 2009, one of Sweden's largest grants for artists

2002 Britta Jacobssons Grant for promising artists

2001 Emma and Karl Olssons Grant

2000 Utmaerkt Norrbottnisk Form Grant

Art Organizer

2006 Co-founder of Galleri Syster in Luleå (

2001-2007 President of Artists in Norrbotten

1998-2000-2002-2004 Project manager of Luleå Arctic Festival and Luleå Winter Biennal

2005-2007-2009-2011 Project manager of Luleå Art Biennial (

2004-2015 Organizer of art classes for youths

2014 Marketing Director of Havremagasinet Art Center in Boden (