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Austria 1986

Miriam Hamann lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. Focusing on installations which deal with space, her work is the result of an investigation into the sculptural presence of everyday objects. In addition to the decontextualization and recontextualization of everyday objects the immaterial plays an important role as well. She uses sound and light as an immaterial 'fabric' that is uncoupled from its environment and original function to become a building block for the creation of new architectures and spatial perceptions.

Miriam Hamann at
The Sound Is Present // Artist Talk
OPEN STUDIOS December 2015

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Miriam Hamann: 3"2,2m3

Sound installation, 2014, Galvanised steel, fans, arduino interface, relais

Miriam Hamann: Pendulum

8-channel sound installation, 2013, Wood, speakers, audio amplifier, audio interface

Miriam Hamann: steel, oscillating

steel, oscillating
Sound installation, 2015, Steel, bone conductors, amplifier, Raspberry Pi, cables

Miriam Hamann: 40°Nord, 30°Süd

40°Nord, 30°Süd
Light installation, 2015, Light bulbs, arduino interfaces, dimmer