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Switzerland 1957

I etch and play around with a single matrix, until it surrenders – in both the literal and figurative senses, letting forms emerge as they emerge, like automatic writing, without thinking, in an organic, instinctive way. I produce series or families of images and juxtapose them in order to create new images. My work is always a work in progress, with infinite possibilities.

Sometimes I develop my work on the basis of monotypes, witch matrix is a drawing or portrait I work on in different ways in order to produce four and six portraits, conveying each time a different impression of the same person.

Mireille Ripoll at
Onlylines // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS December 2016
OPEN STUDIOS September 2016
MIMESIS // Current Resident Artist Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS December 2015

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Mireille Ripoll
Mireille Ripoll

Mireille Ripoll
Mireille Ripoll


Formation and artistic activities

1988-1989 Etching class with Sylvie MARKWALDER, Centre de gravure contemporaine, Geneva

1996-1999 Painting class with Olivier JUREDIEU, “Here and Now” Workshop, Geneva

1999-2000 Academic drawing class by Geneviève ROMANG, Ecole supérieure d’Arts Visuels, Geneva

2000-2001 Etching class with Constanza BRAVO, “La Tinta” Workshop, Geneva

2001-2003 Etching class with Jacques LECKIE and Christian MEYER, Atelier genevois de gravure

Since 1999 Consecrated with etching

Group Exhibitions

1999 Diptych, Here and Now Workshop, Geneva

2000 RED, Here and Now Workshop, Geneva

2002 Open Door Workshop, Villa du Jardin alpin / Atelier 6 / Centre d’art en l’Ile

2004 Etching, Centre d’art en l’Ile, Geneva

2004 Etching, Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancy

2004 Postal Art, Espace Diamono, Carouge

2005 Open Door Workshop, Atelier 6, Geneva

2006 Leporello, Espace Diamono, Carouge

2007 Poster Etching, SSBA, Geneva

2007 Postal Art, Brussels

2007 Book Fair, Geneva

2007 Mireille Ripoll and Mireille Roy, exhibition at the Ephémère, Geneva

2007 La cerise sur le gâteau, Galerie Maya Guidi, Carouge

2007 Poster Exposition, Promenade Saint-Antoine, Geneva

2007 Erotic, Galerie Ruines, Genève

2008 Wine labels and Etching, Michel Roset, Bourdigny

2009 Identity : portrait – autoportrait, Michel Roset, Bourdigny

20100 The Pleasures of Old Age, Michel Roset, Bourdigny

2010 221 Works of Art Flying South, Ferme de la Chapelle, Lancy

2011 Rathania’s : Ars similis casus, Musée Rath, Geneva

2011 Trees, Galerie Ferme de la Chapelle, Geneva

2012 The Address, Musée de Carouge

2013 Exhibition at Collsuspina, Province of Barcelona, Spain

2014 Exhibition at the Galerie Ruine, Geneva

2014 Exhibition at the Maison Bleue, Soral, Geneva

2014 Tribute to J.M. Sert, UNO, Geneva

2014 Sans queue ni tête Michel Roset, Bourdigny

2014 The Road To Nursery, Soral, Geneva

2015 Leaves-Stones-Scissors, Pinacothèque, Geneva

2015 Bien des choses, Michel Roset, Bourdigny

2015 Open Studios in GlogauAir, December 2015, Berlin

2016 Toro Exhibition at the Brot & Käse Gallery, A. Thevenoz, Geneva

2016 Open Studios in GlogauAir, September 2016, Berlin

Expositions personnelles

2000 Sketches of Spain, “Here and Now” Workshop, Geneva

2003 Etching, Galerie Maya Guidi, Carouge

2011 End of Eden, Pinacothèque, Geneva

2016 Mimesis, Exhibition at the Gat Hotel Check-Point Charlie, Berlin

2016 Exhibition at the Carrefour des Arts, Salle Centrale, Geneva