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Brazil 1981

My work focuses on the relationships between architecture, landscape and day-to-day life in the city. This includes a study of the historic and symbolic density of architectural structures, different representations of the idea of landscape and the elements that visually compose our understanding of what is constructed and what is natural. The pieces are presented as objects or panels, usually constructed of materials commonly used in houses and furniture like wood, plaster and formica.

I received a degree in Visual Arts from the University of São Paulo in 2008. I had presented solo exhibitions at Galeria Emma Thomas, at Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto, at 32 ARCO in Madrid and at Cultura Inglesa Festival Prize. I won the Acquisition Prize at 61st April Salon in Fortaleza, the 68th Santo André Salon, the 36th Art Salon of Ribeirão Preto and in Situações Brasilia. I was resident at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York and at Ateliê Rampa in Madrid. With the recipient of a grant from the State Secretary of Culture, I developed an exhibition at PIVÔ Space in 2014. With the selection for Paço das Artes's Season of Projects, I presented a solo exhibition also in 2014.

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Erica Ferrari
Erica Ferrari

Erica Ferrari



Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of São Paulo in 2008.

Collaborations, Exhibitions and Residencies

Since 2005, Erica has participated in exhibitions with the group ‘Hóspede’ and has also presented solo shows. Ferrari participated in the 61st Abril Salon in Fortaleza, the 68th Santo André Salon, where she won the Acquisition Prize and was a resident of the Open Studio [Ateliê Aberto] at Casa Tomada Space in 2010.

In 2011, she participated in the 36th Art Salon of Ribeirão Preto, where she was also honoured with the Acquisition Award. The artist received a funding from the Ministry of Culture of São Paulo through the Cultural Programme of Action with the project ‘Panorama Imaginista’, presented individually at Emma Thomas Gallery and at the Palácio das Artes in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and participated in the group exhibition ‘Nova Escultura Brasileira’, at Caixa Cultural of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the first semester of 2012, Ferrari produced an unique installation for the English Culture Award Festival and for the Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. The artist participated in the artistic residency programme at the Sculpture Space, Utica, New York, USA, from September to October.

In 2013, she participated in the residency programme at Atelie Rampa, Madrid, Spain. In the same year, she had an individual exhibition at the 32nd edition of ARCO, Madrid, Spain, represented at the ‘Solo Projects’ by Emma Thomas Gallery.