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Japan 1983

In his artworks, Yuya presents other possible worlds dissimilar to the one we usually assume. His past creative process aims to investigate into subconsciuous and hidden potentiality. Trhough sounds or drawings as a vehicle, Yuya costantly tries to arouse suggestions that appeal to the collective unconscious.

Focusing on details, everyday things, simple daily gestures, the game as an instrument of knowledge, his work tries to create a new universe. Yuya's purpose is to create a parallel world to the reality we live in, without any excess, inside his creations the simpliest things become important again and we can look at them with a brand new interest and awareness.

Giulia Pedoni

Yuya Suzuki at
Yuya Suzuki // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS December 2014

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Yuya Suzuki
Yuya Suzuki

Yuya Suzuki
Yuya Suzuki



2007 Nihon university college of Art / Japan ( B.A )

Selected Solo Exhibition

2016 Walk and cultivation, CAI02, Sapporo/ Japan

2013 Out of the music, CAI02

2012 Garden and half of there, world, and something, CAI02

2011 God and one day, salon cojica

2010 Under water, D and Department Sapporo

2009 Tremolo, Temporally space
Some people/14 flowers, gallery monma annex

2008 Hunza, CAI 02

Group Exhibitions

2016 Assembrige NAGOYA 2016, MAT NAGOYA/ Japan
The Emerging Artist in Hokkaido,
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art,Sapporo/ Japan
Sapporo station JR Tower art box 2016, Sapporo/ Japan
Think Tank Lab Triennale open call exhibition
Gappert’s Apartment Gallery, Wrocławiu / Poland
The gap, 500m museum Sapporo/ Japan

2014 Sapporo international art festival 2014 .sapporo /Japan
Art osaka 2014. Hotel Granvia Osaka
Becoming undone . Kleiner salon. Berlin
Entre Nous . studio Nikibi / Neukölln 48 stunden. Berlin
Jeune creation

2013 Le Centqiatre. Paris

2012 The last one before the break . Duende studio, Rotterdam
Everyday’s adventure. 500M museum sapporo

2007 Graduate exhibition . Gallery Kawafune


2016 Sapporo station JR Tower art box / Japan

2015 Nomura Foundation Art and cultural grant /Japan

2013 art Osaka . grand prize .Osaka /Japan


2016 MAT NAGOYA studio project vol.03, Nagoya / Japan

2015 – Tenjinyama art studio / Japan

2014 GlogauAIR (Berlin ) from October
SIM residency (Reykjavik / Iceland)

2012 Duende studio (Rotterdam)


2016 Hekiga planning, Terrace planning Sapporo/ Japan

2015 Art stage Sapporo 2015 / Japan

2011 workshop in SAEED ENSAFI’s studio .Teheran(Iran)