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China 1967

Wang Guofeng is an independent artist known for large-format and sharp color photographs distinctive for their critical look at the effect of the 20th century communist movement and its ideology on the lives of individuals in the socialist or former socialist countries. Drawing influence of the scale and composition from his schooling in the painting theories of Song Dynasty and earlier years of painting practice, Wang Guofeng constructed his own contemporary form of conceptual photography and methodology.

Wang Guofeng started his art career as a painter in early 1990s before employing photography as a primary artistic medium from 2002. His representative photography works are based on real photography or media pictures, but his exploration goes beyond the facial representation to challenge the viewers' established perspectives and expectations. His earlier communist themed photography focuses on the iconic political architecture in Russia, China and North Korea. The representative works under this category include the Ideality series, Utopia series and part of the North Korea series. These buildings represent the political system of the state and the collective unconsciousness under a highly centralized institution, while the crowds of individuals in front of the architecture were deliberately deleted, creating a sense of impersonality, detachment and dispassionate.

Wuang Guofeng at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2014
MIGRANT BIRDS 2015 // International Interchange Program

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Wuang Guofeng
Wuang Guofeng

Wuang Guofeng
Wuang Guofeng