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Tunisia 1984

My work is constructed in the first instance on the concepts of circulation and confrontation between differents politicals and culturals territories.
Through painting i build representation space of the human figure inked in the graphic spatiality of a suspended fabric without frame. I use objects and everyday materials, transforming their shapes and utility-es to build volume in the questions which animate me.

I build installations «machines» based on objects. Actuated, the machine functional extension of the man responds with its noises, engines, wheels lights, rubbing, grinding, heat and odor.
Elements remarkably similar to the functioning of society as the engine like core and heart, detectors as meaning ... Activated by the action or movement of the viewer, the mechanisms, operate, creating a relational interface between the body and the object, which during operation, immerses us in pictorial spaces. Through a nomadic approach, I query the table as architecture. The architectural design by an invoice non-machined «handmade» plays with the codes between the work and the viewer.

Slim Cheltout at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2014
Shicksal // Showcase Project
A Roof Above your Head 2014 // International Interchange Program

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A roof above your head 2014, Artist in Residency Program Berlin – Orleans
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Slim Cheltout
Slim Cheltout

Slim Cheltout
Slim Cheltout