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Sweden 1991

In my researches I question how media and social codes effect our behavior. As a contemporary dancer/maker I often use improvisation in order to create an experience, rich on sensation of surprise and risk. My structured improvisations are often combined with words which allows me to reduce the distance between the viewer and the performer.

In GlogauAIR I collaborate with Anna Ádám, Franco-Hungarian visual artist. Together we focus on the conception and creation of ”crossing” wearable objects, at the intersection of art, dance, and fashion. The outcome of our theoretical and artistic researches will be published in December in the Le Monde Diplomatique (Hungary) and showed in the GlogauAIR Project Space (Berlin) in December 2014, TAT Gallery (Budapest) in March 2015, and Random Gallery for Contemporary Art (Budapest) in May 2015.
I grew up in Sweden with Hungarian and American origin.

Sally O'Neill at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2014
Mapping Memories // Showcase Project

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Sally O'Neill
Sally O'Neill

Sally O'Neill