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Chile 1978

My visual and conceptual research is based on the construction of mechanisms that are generating optical illusions in the observer, producing a visual deception in the perception. I want to question our sight sense by showing different approaches or viewpoints of a single event and incorporating the observer as a dynamic actor in the act of contemplation.

This strategy has been developed in different formats and media, visually related to the realm of Medicine and the classifications of medical samples or chemical compounds arranged in rows of glass bottles on shelves. The format is constructed by deploying multiple fragments taken from famous historical paintings (body parts, resized bodies, etc...) printed and inserted in glass bottles filled with water.

Thus, the purpose is to build up a certain state of balance between unity and diversity, between whole and fragment, states which vary depending on the observer’s relative position towards the work. As a synthesis, the “point of view” is understood as a form of interpretation and its relationship with the optic illusion phenomena.

Paula Anguita at
Migredo - Albedo - Rubedo // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS September 2013

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Paula Anguita: Homunculus

Intervened pharmaceutical bottle inserted in metal box, with LED illumination. 30 x 11,5 x 10 cm. 2013

Paula Anguita: Index of X

Index of X
Stainless steel cabinet (101 x 72 x 10 cm.), 36 intervened glass bottles (11 x 5 cm. each). Painter´s Index (36,5 x 50 cm.) 2012.

Paula Anguita: Sebastian Apologia

Sebastian Apologia
Metal cabinet (125 x 66 x 12,5 cm), 30 intervened glass bottles (6 x 6 x 17 cm. each). Painter´s Index. 2012.

Paula Anguita: The other Face of the Mirror

The other Face of the Mirror
Hand made fresnel and digital printing with mirror. Variable dimensions. 2012