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Coming from an architectural background, my work aims to blur the traditional categories of representation of space.
My recent productions, adapted into the diverse medias of painting, installation and architecture consider the interest in the virtual and real space in terms of science and experience. This fascination is reflected by the use of a computational vocabulary into reality. Using 3D modeling, photo-montage, virtual objects, graphics animations or augmented reality, as a base for my practice, I translate them into physical and tangible mediums, allowing theses various technics to acquire a past and a specific density.
What interest me is to communicate the experience of space, the trace of man through the built. I aim to sensitize people to the architecture that surround them, developing an « Archaeology of the virtual ». nd talks about childhood's games and awesomeness, staged thanks to some symbols without which there would be no story.

Natacha Mankowski at
Voice of Doxa // Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS September 2014

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Natacha Mankowski
Natacha Mankowski

Natacha Mankowski