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Austria 1981

Emotion and structure. Softness and contour. A game of attraction, rejection and cooperation. I contrast and bring two universal conditions face to face with different techniques: Softness and lucidity. I let emotions and structure correspond and exhibit moments.

My favoured techniques are large-format serigraphs on canvas and drawings that hold an emotional game of lines as a recognition value. My intention is to touch the viewer with my works and offer freedom for individual interpretation. The spontaneuos, the intuitive, the overlays as well as the experimental approach have clear priority.
In 2010, together with the Hang-musician Christian Schratt, I co-founded the musical formation CIFERENCE-SYMPHONY | Harp & Hang. These two artistic forms influence and inspire each other and are the centre of my life.

Martina Stock at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2014
Martina Stock // Showcase Project

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Martina Stock: Red Fire. 

Red Fire. 
Serigraph and acrylic on canvas | 200 x 120 cm | Martina Stock 2014

Martina Stock: Tigerbalm followed by skin oil.

Tigerbalm followed by skin oil.
Fountain pen on laid paper | 56 x 76 cm | Martina Stock 2012

Martina Stock: Martina Stock | Harp.

Martina Stock | Harp.
Fotograf Chris Hübner