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South Africa

The collaged and assemblaged world or wall, functions as a fantastical and idealised container for Self: a new world to inhabit that functions as a safe space to process as well as an antidote to life’s greyness or sadness. Inspired by analytical and archetypal psychology, I am interested in art as a vehicle to contain emotional processing. What I do is predominantly process-based: combining abandoned and scavenged materials as once seemingly disparate elements, into a new and meaningful whole.

I am constantly looking to create light worlds / a sense of wholeness / a depiction of a potential heaven / a space that counteracts darkness (both social and psychological). At large, I am interested in working with colour and emotion; far more interested in that which exists beyond the discursive mind (how that other space operates and how it can be reached) than I am with the mechanics of the intellect.

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Intaka Yakha NgoBoya Benye
Timelapse of the mixed media installation created while in residence at GlogauAIR, Berlin.
The music includes piano, some dabbling in Reason&Sonar and a field recording of the church bells I heard from my studio every morning.

Julia Grey: Which Meek, What Earth

Which Meek, What Earth
Mixed media, assemblage and collage art

Julia Grey: Concept: falsehoods of the intellect

Concept: falsehoods of the intellect
Mixed media, collage art

Julia Grey: Early childhood development in the art of war

Early childhood development in the art of war
Collage wall. Mixed media, collage art

Julia Grey: Intaka Yakha NgoBoya Benye

Intaka Yakha NgoBoya Benye
Installation at GlogauAIR. Mixed media, collage art

Julia Grey