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Brazil 1981

My project Excess of Contemporary Life questions the impact of the excessive use of mobile phones and computers on our society. I use spray on unconventional surfaces to create installations and performances that come to life under black light.

The motivation behind my work is our modern lifestyle and the rapid technological change that urges us to reinvent our culture and our way of dealing with the excess of information.
Where is the line between healthy use of social media and internet addiction? How can we be more connected than ever and feel lonely at the same time?
The archetypes of the digital age that appear in my work are reflections of our attitudes, mirror images to open up a new perspective on ourselves.

Fernanda Antolá Porto at
Fernanda Antolá Porto // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS December 2014
DOUBLES 5 // Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS September 2014

Fernanda Antolá Porto
Fernanda Antolá Porto