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South Korea

Bin Woo-hyuk at times uses words such as “dirty,” “suicide,” and “boundary” for his work titles. However, the use of such words has no link to the concrete emotion arising from his paintings.

He relies on his emotion in practicing his work. He has visited a forest when inspired by some feeling on a gloomy day, a lonely day, or a sorrow or delightful day. The forest is not a cause triggering such feeling but is associated with his emotion. In this sense, his technique is quite remarkable. Bin’s work is after all bound up with his psychological situations, inner complexities, and memories in that he observes his feeling, reacts sensitively to his feeling, and relates this into his painting.

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Bin Woohyuk
Bin Woohyuk



2013 Korea National University of Arts, MFA School of Visual Arts, Seoul, Korea
2010 Korea National University of Arts, BFA School of Visual Arts, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2016 Omnibus, ArtCenterBukgu, Ulsan, Korea
2014 ARKADIA, Gallery Baton, Seoul, Korea
2014 Ein schifer Garten, Showcase, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2014 Stirring Still, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2013 Ein trister Tag, Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

Duo Exhibition

2016 Dual Channel Fiction, Gallery 175, Seoul, Korea
2010 The Other Pictures, Gallery 175, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibition

2016 Korea Tomorrow, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2016 Amado Anualnale: The Present-Proceeding, Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul, Korea
2016 Young Artist in Our Time, Bank of Korea Money Museum, Seoul, Korea
2015 The Sixth Sense, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2014 Open Studio, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2013 Drawn to Drawing, Gallery Kaze/Nakai Gallery, Osaka/Kyoto, Japan
2012 Unfinished Journey, CAIS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Art Road 77, BookHouse Art space, Paju, Korea
2012 37.9N 22.9N, Kunshan Art Gallery, Kunshan, Taiwan
2012 A Wise Answer to a Silly Question, Kunstdoc Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 White Block NOW, Gallery White Block, Paju, Korea
2011 What do You Think about Nature?, Galerie89, Paris, France
2011 L’attente L’oubli, Art Theory Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Fantastic Reality, b2project Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 The 1st Korea-Russia Intl Art Exchange Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2010 Brand New – Best of Breed, Gallery Won, Seoul, Korea
2010 New Platform, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 Splendid Outing, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2008 ASYAAF, Seoul Station Old Building, Seoul, Korea
2008 Ke Drawing, The Orange Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 Drawing Open – End, KNUA Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 Jetlag, Atrium and Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, U.S.A.
2006 Si-Cha, Gallery Ssamzigil, Seoul, Korea


2016 Ulsan Bukgu Art Studio, Ulsan, Korea
2014 GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2013 Inchon Art Platform Residency, Inchon, Korea


2016 The Bank of Korea Young Artist, Seoul, Korea
2016 Grant for “WÜRDENTRÄGER”, Art Council Korea/Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Korea
2015 Public Art ‘New Hero’, Public Art Magazine, Seoul, Korea
2014 OCI YOUNG CREATIVES, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2012 Mercedes-Benz Korea Artist, Seoul, Korea
2009 Korea National University of Arts Excellent Graduate Works Prize, Seoul, Korea


2016 Amado Anualnale: The Present-Proceeding, Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul, Korea

Selected Press

2016 Kim, Soyoon, Dual Channel Fiction, review of Public Art Magazine November, 2016
2016 Kim, Youyoung, An Escape from Reality: Woohyuk Bin, Public Art Magazine July, 2015