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After graduated from National Taipei University of Arts, Lin Shu Kai decided to escape the globalization and economical core of the island, and back to his hometown in Tainan area. The rich traditional culture and complex histories of Tainan city inspired Lin’s creation on painting and installation. His works show the changeable and unstable of history process, and Tainan’s psyche.

He likes to use simple materials, such as ink, or pens on paper. Day by day, Lin Shu Kai’s daily sketching on paper, not only represents the magical qualities of an Asian historical town and its complexity during globalization, but also recreates hundreds of new figures (“gods” and “goddesses”) in his “map” (Lin usually called his works as maps). Lin’s work affected by traditional Taoism deeply, he transforms his interesting and beliefs into new forms, new contents, and new expressions. For him, each work is just a detail part of a new methodological system, which imagined and created by artist.