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United Kingdom

My work explores the physical experience of architecture;
looking at the way individuals as bodies move about spaces in order to investigate the three-way relationship between body,space and work. Through my work I look at breaking the habits people have within architectural spaces to alter the way they move about or look at the space. Rather than setting up internal relationships within the work and creating my own spaces, I seek to alter the existing space by creating a relationship between the work and the architecture. 

Libby Ireland at
OPEN STUDIOS November 2013

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Libby Ireland: Beam

Concrete, paint
29 x 215 x 35 cm

Libby Ireland: Pages

2013 - ongoing
ink, paper, books


Libby Ireland graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2013 and lives and works in London. She has an interest in the value systems by which we understand cultural heritage, and the way these affect our behaviour towards objects and architecture. Working in various media, she explores these relationships between people and the world around them, playing with the interaction between viewer and artwork. She has exhibited internationally in Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.