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Italy 1975

The series “Take me to the stars” includes different techniques such as photography, sculpture, drawing and painting on paper. I present an aspiration, a yearning upward and toward the overcoming of oneself; the desire, meant as an individual aspiration and a search for love. I aim to show the sense of romantic escape and empathy towards something spontaneous and real.
The photographic works are landscapes and places far from formal characteristics and composition. Places of hidden beauty made up of inconsistencies and interferences, where nature takes forms that reflect internal ones. I normally show places of secondary importance such as abandoned archaeological excavations. The forms of this modi­fied landscapes become individual entities.

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Leonardo Greco



In 2001 he achieved a four-year degree at DAMS in Bologna (Italy) - Visual Arts at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the Bologna University: thesis on 'Phenomenology' of the Styles assisted by the Prof. Renato Barilli.
In 2002 he won the competition arranged by 'Modena Council' and the prize was the allocation for two years of a workshop in the city center. In the same year he won a prize at the 'ArteinContemporanea - Emilia Romagna' show.
In 2003 he had his first solo exhibition at 'The Flat' gallery in Milan (Italy).
In 2004 he was selected among different artists to participate at the collective Italian shows Quotidiana in Padova, Biennale delle Arti Nuove in S. Benedetto del Tronto and Prize Italian Factory per la giovane pittura italiana (Italian Factory for the young Italian painting). In the same summer he obtained the opportunity to attend a "program of residence for artists" on the island of Verànka in Hungary; this last experience has been promoted and arranged by the 'Modena County' together with the foundation Kecsemét (HG).

Group Exhibitions

2013 : - “Brimborium Expressione”- Greco/Kraus/Cerbo- Thomas Project XB, Berlin(DE)

2011: - Bim Bum Art, Palazzo Tornielli, Ameno(NO), curated by F.Gattoni

2010: - Cicognani/Greco/Mondini-Tre! VV8 Artecontemporanea, Reggio Emilia
Il ritmo delle ossessioni, Galleria S.Salvatore, Modena

2009: - Ensamble, Galleria Casa D'Arte, Vercelli, curated by P.Bertolazzi
Greco/Maggis/Savelli, introspezione, Galleria Ghetta, Ortisei

2008: - Dei bambini non si sa niente, Galleria Eventinove, Borgomanero(NO), curated by S.Castelli
Love/ Frammenti visivi di un discorso amoroso, Palazzo Ducale di Pavullo(MO), curated by L.Donini
Arte in attesa, Giovani artisti emiliani per il Policlinico di Modena, Policlinico di Modena, Modena, curated by O.Corradini

2007: - Neo Organic, Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milan, curated by S.Castelli
La Nuova Figurazione Italiana, Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate(MI), curated by I.Quaroni
Icons,The New Gothic Girl, Galleria Arte e Industria, Parma, curated by C.Canali
Fuori di sé, Casa Rossini, Lugo(RA), curated by S. Vecchi
Premio Morlotti 11°edizione, Imbersago(LC), curated by G.Seveso

2006: - Anthologia Machon, Galleria Delle Battaglie, Brescia, curated by Chiara Canali
Premio Italian Factory per la giovane pittura italiana, Casa del Pane, Milano
Allarmi 2, Il cambio della guardia, at Caserma De Cristoforis, Como (Italy) - curated by C. Antolini, N. Mangione, I. Quaroni, A. Trabucco, .
Premio Razzano, Museo del Sannio, Benevento (Italy).

2005: - 10 gradi di figurazione, at Arte & Altro gallery, Gattinara (Italy) - curated by Ivan Quaroni, .
New Thing 2, at Spirale Arte Gallery, Pietrasanta (Italy) - curated by Luca Beatrice, .
Premio Morlotti - Decima Edizione, at Mari Artecontemporanea, Imbersago (Italy) - where he won the prize assigned by the gallery.
New Thing, Spirale Arte, Milan (Italy) - curated by Luca Beatrice, .
Premio Maretti, Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, San Marino Republic.
Faces, Dipaoloarte, Bologna (Italy) - curated by Valerio Dehò.
La contemporaneità evocata: nuova pittura in Italia, Fusion Art Gallery, Turin (Italy) - curated by E. Di Mauro.

2004: - Biennale Adriatica di arti nuove, San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) - curated by Gianluca Marziani.
Premio Italian Factory, Spazio Superpiù, Milan (Italy) - curated by Alessandro Riva.
Quotidiana 04, Museo civico del Santo, Padova (Italy).
Lo sguardo contemporaneo, Galleria S. Lorenzo 3, Parma (Italy) - curateted by Marinella Paderni.

2003: - Ravenna for Art, Ninapì Gallery, Ravenna (Italy) - curateted by Alberto Zanchetta, .
Passaggi 2002 - Claudia Ascari/Leonardo Greco, Palazzo Santa Margherita, Modena (Italy) curated by Ornella Corradini and Walter Guadagnini.

Solo Exhibitions

2013: - Take me to the stars/GlogauAIR, Berlin (DE) curated by C.Canali

2011: - A Moment of Love/Studi Aperti, Villa Obicini, Ameno(NO) curated by Asilo Bianco and text by F.Gattoni

2009: - Sogno di una notte di mezza estate,Marcorossi-Spiralearte Verona, text by C.Canali

2008: - Dellamore Dellamorte,Castello Normanno di Aci Castello(CT), text by C.Canali
- Stardust in Love, Galleria S.Salvatore, Modena, text by N.Mangione
- Dreams, Marco Rossi-Spiralearte Monza, text by F.Dolcini

2007: - Night Works, Galleria Marcorossi-Spiralearte, Pietrasanta, text by S.Castelli
- Light & Magic, Galleria Arte ed Altro, Gattinara(NO), text by C.Canali

2006: - NeroDenso NeroScuro, Area Progetto-Galleria Civica, Modena, text by S.Ferrari
- Conseguenze dell'amore, Marcorossi-Spiralearte, Milan, text by Luca Beatrice
- Diary, Galleria DoppiaV, Lugano, text by B.Paltenghi Malacrida

2005: - Stand By Me. Stagioni diverse, at San Salvatore Gallery, Modena, text by Ivan Quaroni,
Stand By
2003: - Living in a Fantasy, The Flat Massimo Carasi, Milan, text by I.Quaroni