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Canada 1989

My current practice involves the digestion and regurgitation of economic processes. I experiment with the act of exchange as a means of interaction with those who visit my installations. My work deals with spheres of exchange, methods of production and labour, and systems of value.

The art world's economic system, which can seem to arbitrarily value artwork and the labour of the artist, is disorienting. In my work I attempt to question this sphere of value. For my most recent projects this involves collecting the audience's labour as a valuable commodity, that is something worth collecting. Like an art collector I hope to speculate on the potential value inherent in human labour, but instead of capitalizing on the uniqueness of the artist as genius (and as a result their labour being valuable), I am locating value in all labour.

Lauren Chipeur at
NO WORKING ON SATURDAYS // Resident Artist Exhibition
Lauren Chipeur // Showcase Project

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Lauren Chipeur: Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios March 2013

Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios March 2013

Lauren Chipeur: Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios March 2013

Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios March 2013

Lauren Chipeur: Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios June 2013

Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios June 2013

Lauren Chipeur: Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios June 2013

Lauren Chipeur. Open Studios June 2013


Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2017 – Chipeur and Auger with Black in mind, MMUDA MMAAL, Montréal, QC
2016 – Staring at the sun with your eyes closed, curated by Zoë Wonfor, Untitled Contemporary Art – Calgary, AB
2015 – April Martin and Lauren Chipeur: Next to Each Other, curated by Zoë Wonfor, Wanusay – Montréal, QC
2015 – For product freshness do not throw away, Stride +15 Gallery – Calgary, AB
2013 – No Working on Saturdays, Zwitschermaschine Gallery – Berlin, Germany

Selected Group Shows

2017 – Chromatic (with April Martin + Zoë Wonfor), Studio l'Eloi – Montréal, QC
2016 – 5 Sculptors and a Painter, Galerie Laroche/Joncas – Montréal, QC
2016 – Pleasure at a close distance (with April Martin, Lara Schoorl + Zoë Wonfor), 2351 N Milwaukee Avenue – Chicago, IL
2016 – Maureen, Ancienne École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal – Montréal, QC
2016 – The furniture we are forever rearranging II, ArtHelix – Brooklyn, NY
2016 – The furniture we are forever rearranging, Grey Nuns, Concordia University – Montréal,
2016 - “ABJECT / AB-JETTE”, Vitriol: Art and its Discontents, AHGSA Conference, Concordia, Montreal, QC
2014 – Knock Knock: Open Studios, Untitled Art Society – Calgary, AB
2014 – Klapaucius:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;, curated by Sally Sears-Black, Embassy Gallery – Edinburgh, UK
2014 – Sculpture Space Works-in-Progress, Sculpture Space – Utica, NY
2014 – Bring Your Own Pedestal, Upstate Flux – Utica, NY
2013 – Plastik, Bauchhund Salonlabor – Berlin, Germany
2013 – GlogauAIR: Open Studios, GlogauAIR – Berlin, Germany
2013 – Art Swap Auction, GlogauAIR – Berlin, Germany
2012 – Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art – Edinburgh, UK
2012 – ECA x RCA Gone Courting, collaboration with Royal College of Art sculpture students, Edinburgh, UK
2012 – Salon Neu: Embassy Members Show, Embassy Gallery – Edinburgh, UK
2011 – Socks and Sandals, artist and curator, Sculpture Court (at Edinburgh College of Art) – Edinburgh, UK
2010 – Q1, Quartermile – Edinburgh, UK
2010 – Ad Hoc, Glasgow School of Art – Glasgow, UK
2009 – Student Residency Show, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop – Edinburgh, UK

Public Projects

2017 – Jensen Formal Garden Public Art Installation, Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL


2017 – Emergency Artist Residency (with April Martin + Zoë Wonfor) – Vevey, Switzerland
2014 – VSVSVS summer artist in residence – Toronto, ON (funded residency)
2014 – Sculpture Space – Utica, NY (funded residency)
2013 – GlogauAIR – Berlin, Germany (funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts)


2015-18 – Masters of Fine Art (candidate) – Sculpture, Concordia University
2008-12 – Bachelor of Arts, First Class (Hons) – Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art

Grants and Awards

2017 – Concordia Graduate Student Mobility Award
2016 – SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier: Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master's (CGS M)
2016 – Concordia Council on Student Life Special Projects Grant
2015 – Clara Strozyk FOFA Graduate Scholarship
2013 – Alberta Foundation for the Arts: Artist Project Grant
2012 – Andrew Grant Prize


2017 – It's not just to say there is a _____ there, poetry book made with Elliott Elliott, Annie Descôteaux
2016 – The End of May, Co-author (with April Martin, Lara Schoorl + Zoë Wonfor, a book of poetry funded by Untitled Contemporary Art and published by ArtBooks
2016 – Art-Rendezvous Architecture Journal vol.3, Contributor, edited by Alexander Pilis
2014 – A Catalogue of Labour vol. 1: a collaborative artist book project with Rosa Nussbaum
2012 – Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show Catalogue, included artist