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South Korea 1970

Streets, arcades, squares and central stations, the places in a constant state of flux where people ceaselessly gather and disperse, are the main inspiration for my work. 

These places are symbolic of everyday life in cities ruled by a capitalistic system, in which their spectacular transitory nature sees situations happen then disappear. 

I focus on the invisible, formless energy, endlessly evolving and surrounded  by the images and symbols of contemporary cities. A city is an assembly of artificiality that modern people feel more intimacy for than nature. It blinds us with joy and vitality, but at the same time fills us with fear, confusion, nervousness, and a sense of detachment. 

I see the city as an ecstatic landscape where the present and the past shift and swirl, and in my paintings I attempt to capture this vital movement. As reference I collect images, shifting, and assembling them based on my own bodily experience. 

By using landscapes of city, where I used to live, as references of my work,     I try to visualize an illusion which is an accumulated form of an invisible energy. An energy that is generated from endless desires and temptations fusing and dividing people, and making them repeat the creative evolutionary process, where social and economic relationships cause the inexorable duel sidedness of the city.

Hyeja Kim at
Reflective City // Resident Artist Exhibition
Alexanderplatz // Showcase Project
OPEN STUDIOS November 2013
OPEN STUDIOS December 2011
OPEN STUDIOS September 2011

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