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Who watches them?

They watch themselves, but who else does, since everyone can get off virtually speaking from the same domestically integrated circuit? There will soon be nothing more than self-communicating zombies, whose lone umbilical relay will be their own feedback image (…) perpetually passing their time retelling their own story.
Jean Baudrillard, Telemorphosis
The Young-Girl swims in deja-vus for her, the first time
something is lived is always [at least] the second time it has
been represented.
Tiqqun, Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl
Applying languages of contemporary culture, my practice reflects on the commoditization of inter-personal relationships and the questionable possibility of closeness and intimacy in the face of the Spectacle. My intention is to make works that consider the resonance of seemingly arbitrary, often intimate gestures and forms drawn from the personal histories in the context of the of the common experience of a post internet society.

Dorota Halina at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2013