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The work of this multidisciplinary artist try to interrelate different disciplines using painting, installations, performances and audiovisual and searching new forms of expression and getting close to the public, making them part of the creative process of her work.

Déborah Borque at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2013

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Déborah Borque
Déborah Borque


1981 -Born in Spain
Nowadays, living in Madrid
Individual expositions
2011 Video-Installation La Mujer Comunidad de Madrid (Spain).
2009 Cuestión de admiración. Ertl&Cohn, Madrid.
2008 El Autómata del siglo XXI.Edificio Hucha, Castellón.
Collective expositions
2010 Video-Installation - Open Studio Show SVA, New York.
2004 Collective Exposition. Festival de música Mulabe, Castellón
Collective Exposition Dones. Sala dArt Pictograma, Castellón.
2003 Exposition. Galerie Krupan,München.
Exposition. Domagk Galeri, München.
Exposition. Akademie der Bildende Künste Manchen, München.
Exposition. Autoren Galerie, München.
2002 Colaborated in Asianvibe exposition in E.A.C.C. Castellón.
2000 Exposition titled Homenaje a Velázquez in La Mercé cultural centre of Burriana, Castellón.
Awarded work
2011. First Award Video-Instalación "La Mujer" Comunidad de Madrid.
2010. First Award Video Arte Sony. Notodo.
2004. National Award for Painting (Castellón).
Works that made selection
2003 First Plastic Arts Contest organised by the Elche Belle Arts Association (Alicante).
The XXI Pintor Sorolla Painting Contest (Alicante).
2000/2002 Exposition at Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei (Valencia).
1996/1998 Exposition titled Clemenules at Nules Town Hall (Castellón).
Film colaboration
2010 Paintings in the film "Extraterrestre" Nacho Vigalondo.
Art Direction
2010 Art direction for the show "Premis Ciutat de Castelló 2010" Teatro Principal de Castelló, Spain.
2013 - 2014 Residency in Glogauair (Berlin), Sponsorship from Fundación Dávalos Fletcher, (Spain)
2010 Summer Residency in SVA (New York), Sponsorship from Fundación Dávalos Fletcher, (Spain)
2002 - 2003 Erasmus bursary awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in the Akademie der Bildende Künste München
2001 Residency in Academia de España de Roma sponsored by Consellería de Cultura Generalitat Valenciana.