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Sweden 1975

Dana Sederowsky works with video performance, photography and text.
Her video performance work are based on own manuscripts which forms the
monologues. She uses a system of rules, a rigorous system, for example the camera is to be still, the background monochrome and the videos are produced in one take. Sederowsky investigates language through linguistic exercises, speech-acts and phonological experiments, focusing on the process of using speech and how words are delivered directly in the face of the viewer. She investigates language not simply as a means of communication but also as a poetic and formal device.
In both her video work and photography she always uses only her own face and body. During the last year Sederowsky has been focusing on the project D.E.A.D, dealing with loss and endurance. The project is in progress.

Dana Sederowsky at
LOVE EXPLOSION // Resident Artist Exhibition

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Dana Sederowsky


monotony is a virtue, repetition is a strength, practice makes progress (2015) Göteborgs Konsthall Sweden 2015
Text installation/performance. Black marker pen on wall. 10 x 6 meters.
I was present in the exhibition Wednesdays - Fridays from 1 p.m to 3 p.m between 21 February to 20 March and wrote the above sentences with a marker pen directly on the wall.

durch, für, gegen, ohne, um (2013)
Text installation at Glogauer AIR Berlin Germany.
Marker pen directly on to concrete wall. 3 x 4 meters.

Dana Sederowsky

Dana Sederowsky