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France 1984

Throughout the years, I am greatly inspired by works of Alfred Hitchcock like Vertigo, Henri-Georges Clouzot's La Prisonnière as well as many fantasy movies. A sense of mystery, dark humor, melancholy and experimental elements in these genre draw me into creating and building characters in films. With the exploration in sounds and music, I am able to develop a full spectrum of emotions and stories. My aim is to bring out the echo that is embedded within us and suggest the sparks that are missing and forgotten.

Cinema is a psychoanalysis that teaches me ways to look at life. Filtering through the viewfinder of a camera, I poses questions, self reflections and searching for the possible answers. To me it is a personal language, a discourse that provokes different reactions from different levels; scripts, images, sounds and lightings… Cinema becomes the vehicle caring both perception and thought; conscious and unconscious; In cinema I search lost identity and representation of my history and memories. It is the most intimate form for me representing life that is woven into the fabric of who we are.

Cyril Haas at
OPEN STUDIOS November 2013


After receiving a full training as assistant filmmaker at the Free Conservatory French Cinema in Paris, I worked as an Assistant Unit Manager in the field of Cinema for projects such as Et si c'était lui by Anne-Marie Etienne, Divorces by Valérie Guignabodet; Advertising project Greed by Roman Polanski and Video Clips Crazy interpreted by Ornette and Désolé interpreted by Sexion d' Assault.

In addition, I am actively involved in the independent film association "the Group 13", where I participated in screenwriting, film making, editing, sound recording and cooperated in many short film productions.

In 2013, I was selected by the artist residency GlogauAIR, in Berlin, where completed the making of my second short film, Koma.