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Link between tradition and modernity. Relation between past and present. Dislocation of identity. We live and use futuristic progress, science and technic development. We are going too fast, there’s no time for reflexion, no time for digestion. This stratification of forgotten memories. Thought time and history, collected experiences, isolated in neuronal islands, the unconscious. There are some meetings but there’s no listening, we get no real conclusions, there’s no time for that.

From such a crash of doctrines it was just left the certainty of none of them and the pain of that absence. 

Such an undisciplined society, on its cultural fundaments, could not be anything else than a victim. And that's how we wake up in a world avid of social developments, in which, full of joy, we commit ourselves to conquer this unknown freedom, a progress that was never defined. The massive democratization of our era claims for a collective responsibility. We have a world based on rules, which forgets it should by based on values.

Alejandro Cerón is a multidisciplinary artist whose work usually blurs the line between art and design. He is fascinated by the relativity of the existentialist reality of contemporary individuals.
Having anthropologic and sociologic developments, philosophy, psychology of perception and experimentation as main sources of inspiration, Alejandro’s work aims to generate emotional blossoming experiences.

Particularly his project at Glogauair aims to promote in the audience a collective awareness feeling.

Alejandro Ceron at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2013
Alejandro Ceron // Showcase Project

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