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Larissa Ferreira (1984, Brasil) holds a BA in Dance (Federal University of Bahia, 2007) and a MA of Contemporary Arts (University of Brasília, 2010). She has been working in several projects of performance, dance, tecnhology and urban art in many countries; Brasil (Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro, Distrito Federal, São Paulo), Argentina, Portugal, Finland and Germany. She lives in Brasil.

She is interested in Art as a tactical experience and in the subversive power of actions which overflow the ethical and political aesthetic.
Some works; IntransInto (2005), Jardim dos Ceticos (2005), Perecivel (2006) , Mobilidade Opaca (2007),Ovun (2007/2010), Vulto (2009), Tatica Ocupacional (2011),manente (2011),Maquina de Fazer Brisa (2010), Sentidos da Presenca (2012)...
Some words;body-protest,activist practice, Afection, flesh egg, chair, candle, street, coal, magnectic, sand, fire, knife, wig , apple, feminism, memory...

Larissa Ferreira at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2012

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