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Colombia 1974

Juan Duque is an architect, urban designer and artist who holds a master’s degree obtained at Sint-Lukas, Brussels. His site-specific practice led him to realize projects in various countries in Europe. He participated in the group exhibitions “No Soul for Sale” in Tate Modern, UK (2010) and “Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads” in Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin (2011). He lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

I define myself as a nomad. In my artist practice I am constantly confronting my previous memories with the places I live in or pass by. I confront experiences and question creativity under conditions of:
Migration, Mobility, Displacement, Uncertainty, Emergency, Translation

In my practice I am concerned about the processes of de-territorialization and re- territorialization, especially the displacement of meaning from objects, images, and places. I prefer to focus on in- between situations provoked by these displacements. By working mainly on 'site specific' installation, I explore and consider characteristics of the space that are normally overlooked. Like in archeology, processes in my work are the result of finding and revealing marks, traces, layers of information found in a specific site.

The main of my actions is to reveal the process of intense observation and interpretation together with associations and references to cultural and personal experiences. By these means, I would like the visitor to get involved in a multi-sensorial experience where negotiation with the space might bring empathy, but also confrontation and uncertainty about the notion of place and memory.

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