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Conceptualizing on art is like masturbation that comes afterwards. Once the work is finished you can write about it, not beforehand. Before you just have an intuition or a method but you don’t know yet what it will be, what will happen. When I refer to masturbation I mean this kind of discourse, lost in the language and the concept, and for which I feel ashamed. It might sound offensive. But when I think about me as an artist and about my work I realise there is always a not knowing, an uncertainty…
“Why are you so upset? At me, love, you sound upset, yes, but try to figure out, mine too, come on, and the context of what? What I do is not a story, is not a fiction, is not a film, is not a screenplay, there are no references, is just emptiness, the space, me and my fantasy….”

Alexandra Mabes at
OPEN STUDIOS November 2012

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