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International Interchange Program

A Roof Above your Head

GlogauAIR - la mire

la mire begins a new cycle residence entitled A Roof Above Your Head in Berlin in 2011.
The residency program A Roof Above Your Head is open for the moment to the artists established in the Region Centre - Loire Valley in France.

The artist stay three months in the place of residence GlogauAIR and nourishes its practice in an international context. La mire offers a return of his/her works made in Berlin by a presentation in one of the partner space in Region Centre - Loire Valley. The residence is followed by an Open Studios Exhibition and the publication of a catalog.

These first 5 years of residence established by la mire and with associated partners such as GlogauAIR (since 2012), Lage Egal (Berlin, 2011 to 2013), Mode d'Emploi (Tours, 2012-2014), School of Art ESAD d'Orléans (2015) mark its roots in the Berlin art scene and the Region Centre-Loire Valley.

Previous editions:
A Roof Above your Head 2016
A Roof Above your Head 2015
A Roof Above your Head 2014

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International Interchange Program

Hàbitat Artístic

Espai d'art contemporani - GlogauAIR

The call for 1 scholarship Hàbitat Artístic Castelló – Abroad is for Spanish artists whose residence is in the city of Castellón de la Plana, to undertake an artistic project on any freely chosen topic in the residence GlogauAir, Artist in Residence Program, Berlin-Germany.

The main objective of this scholarship is to undertake an artistic project together with artists of different nationalities and in virtual contact with the four scholarship holders Hàbitat Artístic Castelló.

The artists Jonathan Bellés and Beatriz Heredia were selected to produce their project Ateneo during their residency at GlogauAIR on 2015-2016, and the artist Atom Samit developed his documentary GlogauAIR on 203-2014.

Previous editions:
Hàbitat Artístic 2016
Hàbitat Artístic 2014

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International Interchange Program


Tamara Zaitseva
A borde de caos. Acrilic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

La Escocesa Centre de Creació and GloglauAIR present an international interchange program for the resident artists. Tamara Zaitseva, resident artist from La Escocesa, developed the Project Tarkovski Zone at GlogauAIR on December 2014.

Labuenaylamala carried as well a residency at GlogauAIR on September 2015 and Marla Jacarilla in 2016
The resident artist Pei-Shih Tu carried a residency at La Escocesa on 2016.

Previous editions:

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glogauair la escocesa


International Interchange Program


Migrant Birds and GloglauAIR, in collaboration with Zhong Gallery, present an international interchange program for the resident artists.
Several artists from the Migrant Birds Program, in Beijing, China, developed their residencies at GlogauAIR during 2014-2015, aiming to improve the artistic and cultural interchange between Berlin and the Far East, promote an enviroment of collaboration and incorporating new perspectives in the residency program.

Wuang Guo Feng
Wuang Guofeng. UTOPIA No.1(局部), 500 x 1275 cm, 2008

The following artists, selected by Migrant Birds, took part in GlogauAIR's residency program.

Wuang Guofeng
Wu Wei
Li Luo
Kelly Jang
Xingyu Chen
Rui Su

migrant birds zhong gallery glogauair

glogauair doubles


DOUBLES is a bimonthly experiment in which current residents of the Institut für Alles Mögliche are getting paired off with residents from GlogauAIR. Starting out with a first get-together-brunch in Kreuzberg all artists are welcome to get to know each other and partner up in teams of two artists per team. After working independently over the course of one month, exchanging ideas and working out a collective presentation the two teams get to share the last weekend of the month at the Abteilung für Alles Andere in Berlin-Mitte for a two-day-showcase

doubles img

ELAA (European Live Art Archive)


Universitat de Girona, Spain

Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, University of Oxford, UK
GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany

Funded by the European Culture Programme 2009-2012 of the European Commission


ELAA is a unique European project involving the creation of a live art/performance art archive and the development of a live art programme in three European countries. In this way ELAA creates new routes for performance artists and reach new audience by providing access to original material in an area of contemporary art that has a very low visibility in archives, museums and collections worldwide. We intend to collect, contextualize, disseminate and preserve information about performance/live art thus increasing the availability of information for education and research, and providing a forum for the freedom of artistic expression.

The interview programme is of utmost importance to the Archive project, given the almost complete lack of biographical material and interviews of performance artists available at this moment in time. Performance art has never been part of the mainstream art world and for this reason many important and influential artists have been completely overlooked by the history books.

Each co-organiser selected 18 artists, who were active since the 80’s, to participate in their interview programme.

The filmed interviews, documentation of the interviewed artists, as well as all the material generated in the performance program, which in the case of GlogauAIR in Germany is generated in the Home Sweet Home Festival (2010) and The Second Festival (2012) will be the results of the ELAA project and will be physically stored in the library of the Universitat de Girona in Spain.

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// For more information and for research purposes visit the website:

IPAH Performance workshop
Summer 2011 and 2012

Young performance artists, from around the world, meet and work together, in a workshop environment, for one week under the guidance of internationally renowned performance artists
He Chengyao, China
Ray Langenbach, Malaysia
JÜrgen Fritz, Germany

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Loop Art Fair
July 2010 at Espai Niu, Barcelona

GlogauAIR takes part in the Loop Art Fair Program in Barcelona presented at Espai Niu whith the video-Performance selection "THE PRESENCE OF", curated by Johnny Amore and Irene Pascual

Created in the Festival Home Sweet Home / Berlin July 2010 organised by GlogauAIR (Artist In Residence Program

// More info here

Enjoy Poverty - Youth in Action

Renzo Marten’s work “Enjoy Poverty. Episode III” (2008), shown in 2010 Berlin Biennial deals with notions of poverty and power. In some segments of the film, we see Martens engaged with local people. He tries to make the mechanisms of their exploitation clear to them. He teaches them to enjoy their poverty: the words, “Enjoy Poverty,” are spelled out in big neon lights mounted on a raft with which he travels along the Congo River. His video explores the tension between the depravity of the neon signs and its obvious reference to the art industry and their message, displaced to a foreign context. The example of Renzo Marten’s work unfolds questions that are to be explored during the workshop: // How does art production operate within these conceptual tensions?
// When does it reinforce existing clichés and when does it succeed to offer a specific approach?
// What are the practices of aesthetising poverty/power?
// Within the framework of economy in its wider sense: how the outside power relations of poverty/wealth are transferred into the economy of an artwork, and eventually, the art world in general?
// What do such transactions produce?

// More info here

Alien in my space project - Art as a Social Transformer

An European exchange Project for Culture Managers from different countries debating and experiencing about how art can be a social transformer.

This Project is taking part in Grundtvig Learnpartnerships Project by the European Comission. Launched in 2000, Grundtvig aims to provide adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects. The aim of the project is to encourage exchange experiences between European professionals.


GlogauAIR (Germany) /// Coordinator
Solaris KÜnsler Verein (Germany)
P60 (Netherlands)
Erices University-Kayseri (Turkey)
Centre for culture and society, Brno (Czech Republic)

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